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Rumor: Microsoft readies two consoles for the launch of the next gen

We already know, through various rumor, that Microsoft is at work on a Xbox One without optical reader economic to do out in the coming months, both on the next Xbox, codename Scarlett; today comes from always attentive women in Windows Central next gen consoles that the House of Redmond is preparing to launch in 2020 could be even two , so as to occupy different price ranges.

The site explains that he received the information that Microsoft will implement already at the launch of the next generation of consoles the same strategy with Xbox One S and X: a console, codenamed " Lockhart " will aim to satisfy the most Beware of the wallets, more or less equal to the performance of the current Xbox One X (but with different characteristics and not yet revealed) to allow everyone to play with next-gen titles without a big expense. This will be joined instead the console "top of the line", codenamed " Anaconda ", more expensive and powerful and able to make us live fully and without restrictions the next generation titles. It is rumored that the most powerful console will incorporate an SSD to even get the ultimate load times, while the economic Consul will mount a normal hard disk.

It is a policy similar to that implemented at the time of Xbox 360 Arcade console and the standard, although on that occasion the difference in cost was not justified by a difference in power, but whether or not the hard drive. We could imagine a scenario whereby, in 2020, we will find in stores a console from 300 Euros and a 500 (or even 600?), so to please all types of player.

Things are going really well? We hope to find out in 2019!