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The curator of The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan presents us with the story of the Ghost ship

As you probably know the project The Dark Pictures Anthology , revealed by Bandai Namco at Gamescom, consists of a series of thriller/horror anthology games developed by Supermassive Games ( Until Dawn ) that there will arise each time stories, settings and characters. the first will be The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan , arriving in physical and digital shops in 2019.

Now Bandai Namco reveals two imported information on this series of games: the first is that the titles will all be completely dubbed into Italian , thus contributing to increase the immersion into distressing environments created by Supermassive ,

The second is that, while the cast of actors/characters will change with each game (in The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan we will find among others Shawn Ashmore , Iceman of the X-Men movies and star of Quantum Break ), we will fixture: the curator , a sort of storyteller who will accompany us along all the titles in the series introducendocene the stories and emphasizing the crucial turning points in the plot.

The curator , portrayed by British actor Pip Torrens (The Crown, Preacher ) is a being out of time, which in its vast repository stores every story ever told. Does this for thousands of years, but she couldn't remember when it started, or if there ever was a start at what he does. In telling her stories knows that there are ' rules ': should not interfere with the player, but can get carried away with emotion. He saw things that the player is not able to notice. Important thing. But it can't tell you what it is ... directly. Then leave cryptic clues where he believes could do, in hopes that the Player recognizes them.

In The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan , four young Americans find themselves at sea during a holiday dedicated to diving in search of a relic of World War II. Over the course of the day and the arrival of a storm, their journey to turn soon into something much more sinister; This is the first story of the anthology that the curator introduces us to the following movie. The video is however completely dubbed in Italian, allowing us to appreciate the good work of localization in the title. Good vision!

MX Video - The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan