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A new trailer of Hitman 2 shows us all the innovations and improvements in the game

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has today released a new trailer of Hitman 2 , entitled "Hitman perfected", which goes to further deepen all the news we find within this new title developed by IO Interactive ; below, a brief summary of what we can see in the movie.

Starting from the setting, six new environments are brought within the title: Hawke's Bay (New Zealand), Miami (USA), Santa (Colombia), Mumbai (India), Whittleton Creek (USA), and the mysterious Sgail Island (Atlantic Ocean), where we will be catapulted into an unprecedented game depth infinite possibilities of interaction and the absolute freedom to tackle missions the way we please.

For the first time, players will compete in a brand new multiplayer mode 1 against 1 online, which is called the ghost mode and Sniper Assassin , in which two players must coordinate to shoot down all the targets. Hitman 2 will receive a large number of improvements to the gameplay, including improved artificial intelligence of our opponents in the fighting, a new mini-map, new grids for security cameras, replays picture-in-picture , new tools, strategic use of mirrors, the ability to hide among the people and in the vegetation and the great return of the Briefcase.

All this and more in the new trailer of Hitman 2 , which we leave you below, as always wishing you a good view. The title is expected for November 13 on Xbox One .

MX Video - Hitman 2