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Sea of Thieves: the next update is Shrouded Spoils, big changes coming soon

Rare posted yesterday, a new video-update on the development of Sea of Thieves , in which executive producer Joe Neate revealed that the next expansion of the game, coming up next week on closing the event will be called Forsaken Shores , Shrouded Spoils .

Joe explains that the new expansion will give us access to more customization options for our ships, allowing us to customize now also the cannons and the rudder, while the game world will be invaded by a mysterious fog that prevent us from seeing clearly where we're going and that will require the presence of a man in the Crow's nest to instruct the helmsman where head while avoiding rocks and Islands. Following the event, the fog will become a random climatic condition like the storms, so we can always find ourselves immersed in a white coat during our trips.

More details on Shrouded Spoils will be released in the coming days, but we can wait as always and honors dedicated missions (including some specifications for the legendary pirates); We also expect the arrival of previously announced Festival of the damned , which should introduce more Halloween themed content.

But that's not all: Neate also explained that after this expansion, it will come a very important who will introduce "big changes" in the title. Approaching the first anniversary of the game, and it is likely that Rare has in store great news for gamers: more information will be released on November 10 and 11 during the Mexican event X018 ; stay tuned for more!