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Rumor: next Splinter Cell will be announced at the X018 of Microsoft?

Before the last E3 seemed a done deal: several rumor, even the famous list of Walmart revealed 95% correct, pointing to a return of Sam Fisher with an ad that would have happened to the fair la-based. So though it was not, but perhaps the announcement could simply be been postponed to X018 , the new Microsoft event to be held in Mexico in less than a month.

To advise us it's the Canadian insider rodnelybouch , that in the past had already anticipated the acquisition of new studies by Microsoft and now has posted a tweet rather eloquently: " I just heard that Sam Fisher took lessons in Spanish in Westmount. It looks like they're getting ready for its next mission in M * X * CO. "

"M * X * CO ' refers obviously to" Mexico ", or the Mexico, but it is interesting that he substituted two characters with asterisks to highlight the letter x. and, coincidentally, on 10 November there will be the X018 just in Mexico City. That the revelation of the new Splinter Cell is provided for your Microsoft event, along with maybe the announcement of some kind of exclusivity?

We just have to wait a few weeks to find out: stay tuned!