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Telltale adopts almost all the staff, TWD: The Final Season may remain incomplete

After some rumor they wanted yesterday Telltale Games -American study responsible for numerous adventures in the last two generations narratives-about to close its doors, the company has confirmed tonight that he fired 250 employees, keeping only 25 " to satisfy the obligations of the company with shareholders and partners ."

This means basically the closure of a company that has given much to the world of video games but has unfortunately failed to renew itself, eventually become technologically obsolete in the techniques of storytelling that she herself had helped create. The company's CEO, Peter Hawley, explains that in the past year the company has tried to renew itself and has created some of the most quality titles in its history, but unfortunately this did not generate sales you hope and then the only option left is the closing.

This obviously means that the previously announced titles of Stranger Things and The Wolf Among Us 2 will never see the light. But many are surely more urgent question: what will become of The Walking Dead: The Final Season ? Even though there are no official statements on the matter, many of the dismissed employees explained to Game Informer that the season will remain incomplete and bereft of the last two (of four) episodes. If this is confirmed, it will pose the question of what will happen with the Season Pass: buyers will be refunded in any way for failure of the season? We will update you as soon as we know more.