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Dead or Alive 6 shows us the stage inspired by Jurassic Park and other images

Team Ninja Tecmo Koei and last week had released a new trailer in which appeared fleetingly an internship with a giant T-Rex; Japanese developers today revealed that this stage will be called Lost Paradise , releasing a set of images that show us how this is inspired by scenes from Jurassic Park.

The publisher explains: "Lost Paradise In the magnificent jungle mixes with decaying remnants of manmade buildings, along with some surprising secrets peeking out from every corner. Clashed with extremely large eggs so troubling, not only all that is within them, but also their mother-a giant Pteranodon that will attack you without thinking twice. But it is not the only danger in this stage, given that the fence separating the combatants from the jungle is electrified. Come down to the lower level and a Tyrannosaurus is waiting for you, ready to kill anyone. "

We leave you to images of the new stage, which are joined by other shots from the game. Good vision!