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PES loses license for the Champions League

Konami announced that it had lost the licenses for the UEFA Champions League that for a decade now accompanied the PES titles. In particular the agreement turn on its completion coinciding with the end of the Champions League during the month of may, which will mean that PES 2019 , which at the time was not yet announced, will be deprived of that mode.

The consequences of the breakup of that relationship might interact in a positive way to the historic rival FIFA, allow EA to catch rights of the UEFA Champions League and enter the prestigious tournament European football in his upcoming titles.

At the moment, we don't know how Konami will be replaced this lack in the next PES or if EA will take advantage of the situation to make a change in terms of content for FIFA 19 : we just have to wait until the E3 where definitely will be made an announcement on the matter.

As always the invitation is to continue to follow us for all the information and details about the affair.