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Sea of Thieves is updated to version 1.0.4: these are the main changes

After having revealed the plan incoming content until summertime, as has become customary Rare performed, this morning, a new server maintenance of Sea of Thieves , following which has been issued a new patch. The update, which weighs about 1.30 GB and that brings the game to version 1.0.4 , also in this case some changes that some fixes. We discover together what it is about.

The first change concerns the introduction of a new set of customizations, that you can see in the image at the bottom of the news. This new set includes a new wing and a new hull adorned with the "logo" from Athena , in addition to a new figurehead in the shape of a Unicorn. New parts can be bought exclusively by going from the NPC present Carpenter in the secret lair, which can be accessed only after having reached the status of " legendary pirates".

Other changes are focused instead on the introduction of two new sound effects, audible respectively at the opening of one of the many books containing a mission around the game world or when time runs out to complete a the Alliance of the merchant , and the introduction of certain changes to the game system, which should allow players to more easily place objects on the shelves are in the Captain 's cabin or throw them overboard.

The update also brings with him a long list of fixes (which you can consult in this address ), including the doubling of the area "excluded" from any server changes around skeletons and controlled forts fixed some annoying bugs, like those that caused the spawn of ships already damaged or inability to select the filters present in the equipment customization screens, and a long list of improvements and fixes for the graphics.

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