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Sea of Thieves: Rare reveals new information about missions and progress in the game

To date, thanks to the many movies released so far, we already know much of the mechanisms of Sea of Thieves ; use of ships, exploration, discovery, interaction between players and so on. We know yet little about how players will be actually structured activities within the game: the Alpha Technique every game began with a mission to search for treasure, but as will be randomly assigned in the final game?

Rare today updated the official website of the game with all of its main features: many of these are already known, but there are also some interesting information about how we can organize our lives from pirates inside the game .

We thus discover that the central element for the progress of the players in the title will be the commercial companies ( Trading Companies ), whose representatives we will find in the various islands-game outpost. There will be many of these companies, some more legitimate and other covert or dedicated to shady deals, which we will entrust missions to help them in their trades. As we complete successfully the missions entrusted to us by each of them, besides getting the rewards level will climb in the rankings of the companies themselves, resulting in increasingly complex, difficult and lucrative missions that will allow us also you get objects and rare titles.

We might see commercial companies as a series of parallel campaigns , each of which we will face when we want by doing missions, alone or with our friends. The missions will be utilizing many different types: from simply retrieving a treasure to escort a cargo ship up the assault on an enemy vessel, and so on.

This also introduces us to another topic: what is the main goal in Sea of Thieves ? Rare explains that, as the pirates will progress within the companies, will become more and more famous and they will start to come into contact with the final mission: the search for the Luck of Athena , which however was not revealed nothing.

Being Sea of Thieves a game online and constantly connected, we expect that over time the Rare always add new commercial companies beyond those provided at the beginning to give us access to new missions, and that even after we discovered the mysterious Fortune of Athena will reach other goals even more important to pursue.

That's all for now: we will update you on the latest news as soon as they are revealed and we remind you that Sea of Thieves will hit stores on 20 March 2018.