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Iceberg Interactive Announces futuristic racer Antigraviator

The publisher Iceberg Interactive and the Cybernetic Walrus development team announced Antigraviator , futuristic racing game that will be available on Xbox One in the second quarter of 2018. The title is set in the distant future, exactly in the year 2210 , and puts us on board special ships named Grav exploiting technologies based on speed and gravity to allow us to participate in a tournament called just Antigraviator .

The game consists of a single-player mode, in which we will be able to unlock new ships, new components and skins, of a split-screen local multiplayer for up to 4 players and a multiplayer online in which we will be able to challenge other players and in which, in order to complete the races and come out victorious, we will sabotage them with environmental traps or by shooting missiles. We will also have the possibility of upgrading the Grav, whose customizing grants us the benefits only if chosen correctly, because the use of an empowerment could compromise the use of another.

Races take place in four different worlds championed each of which includes three tracks created with amazing 3D graphics which uses the Unity engine.

For the occasion were published the first pictures of Antigraviator and a trailer that we show: enjoy!

MX Video - Antigraviator