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New details on the Homefront: The Revolution Season Pass

Deep Silver Dambuster Studios has released no new details on the Homefront: The Revolution Season Pass, FPS that will be available on May 20 the PS4 Xbox One. L'Expansion Pass for Homefront: The Revolution includes access to three expansions for the single player campaign and unlock exclusive bonuses to use for your cooperative experience online with Homefront, better known as endurance mode!

Coming in 2016, is The Voice of Freedom that Aftermath be added to game new districts and many hours of original content for single player that compliment the massive campaign by 30 hours of the game.

In 2017 will follow a much larger expansion, Beyond the Walls , with lots of details coming soon.

Finally, owners of Expansion Pass will enjoy the following benefits of endurance mode:

  • " Supply Line " allows players to receive a case resistance free every week simply by logging on to endurance mode.
  • " The Right Kind of School " unlock three new starting background for your character of endurance mode: "ATF agent", "Federal agent" or "Sheriff".