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The turn-based battles of The January 12, confirmed the Banner Saga comes the Italian

Versus Evil and Stoic announced that The Banner Saga , RPG with turn-based battles already acclaimed on PC, will arrive on January 12 the PS4 Xbox One. The game will immerse us in a single player adventure set in the times of the Vikings in which we will build our history through exploration, dialogue and engagements; designed in beautiful graphics " Isometric 2D ", the game features an extremely deep tactical combat system and an awesome soundtrack.

The Publisher also announced that the game will be localized in Italian, very good news for those who are not comfortable with English, although we imagine it is just text and subtitles. This is what the developers have to say about the title:

" Often, we heard comparing our game to a mix between Disney, game of Thrones and Mass Effect. In The Banner Saga, are your choices that drive the evolution of history. You will find yourself at a crossroads and having to choose which way to go. The path chosen may show some immediate differences, but could also cause further changes later in the story. We like to think of our plot as a story with a lot of ramifications and some key points where all come to a similar conclusion but with incredibly diverse circumstances.

The graphic style of The Banner Saga is extremely recognisable and always captures people's attention. In conceiving the artistic style of The Banner Saga, Arnie Jorgensen drew inspiration from the great American Illustrator Eyvind Earle, but also from the children's books by Ingri and Edgar Parin D ' Aulaire, Leif the Lucky, and myths of the North. "

We leave you with a trailer that shows us the game in action, along with a set of new images: enjoy!

MX Video - The Banner Saga