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Nordic Games: will there be a future for Darksiders

In may the renowned artist to whom we owe the special design of the two plays of Joe Madureira Darksiders had alleged " Darksiders is not dead!!! The new owner, Nordic looks really interested in continuing the series "; that statement had reopened a hope in the hearts of fans of the saga. Today, the confirmation of the interest from the software company about a new game related to the saga in question comes from Reinhard inch Nordic Games which revealed that the team is considering all possible directions to continue working on the franchise, choosing the right people can make a product that does not disappoint expectations.

Concerning those who should should work on the project, Nordic does not exclude Joe Madureira and the former head of Vigil Games David Adams with whom is currently in contact.

At the moment we do not know anything concrete. There remains to wait for new information in the hope that a Darksiders III will be announced as soon as possible.