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Starfield's controller is getting more real: sightings increase

Less than a week before Starfield Direct, it seems increasingly likely that Microsoft will announce an Xbox controller dedicated to the Bethesda title, accompanied by a pair of themed wireless headphones.

First came reports of new unnamed products, a controller and Xbox headsets at €74.99 and €124.99 respectively, which were thought to be dedicated to Starfield. But then images began to arrive, at first suspected as fake, until they seem very real today thanks to the sighting of the controller in a store, and later thanks to the images shared on Twitter by a user who managed to get his hands on both the controller and the headphones. Here are the various tweets:

As you can see, both the controller and the headphones look very real, and we just have to wait for the official announcement: since they seem already available in some stores, it is very likely that they will be orderable from the same evening of the showcase. We leave you now to some of the images leaked so far, waiting to be able to offer you the official materials.