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New Alan Wake 2 Information: Two Campaigns, More Open Gameplay

Remedy has recently released a behind-the-scenes footage of Alan Wake 2, in which some information is revealed about the already highly anticipated title arriving on October 17th. The first and most interesting concerns the character of Saga Anderson, the FBI profiler who until now had only been presented as the "second playable character" of the title.

This had led us to think that the game would have seen us alternate at the controls of Alan and Saga at different times of the adventure, but in reality the new movie clarifies that the game will in fact consist of two distinct campaigns, dedicated to the two characters. Remedy explains that each campaign will have a different style and atmosphere, and will even be set in two different game worlds: the one that will see Saga as the protagonist, being an FBI agent, will refer to investigative movies and TV series such as True Detective and Se7en. Saga will be an extremely empathetic character, being also a mother as well as an investigator.

The video does not dwell on the campaign dedicated to Alan Wake, but merely explains that this will show us where the protagonist has been in the last 13 years, since he disappeared at the end of the first game.

Another interesting information that emerged from the movie is that this time the game will have more open and freely explorable areas: it does not mean that we will be in the presence of an open world title, but the different environments will be larger giving greater freedom to the player, with a less linear gameplay then.

We conclude by reminding you that we will be able to admire the gameplay of the game during the Summer Game Fest on June 8th: see you next Thursday to learn more!