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Amazon and Bandai bring the action-RPG F2P Blue Protocol on consoles: details and trailer

Amazon Games has announced that it has signed an agreement with Bandai Namco Online for the distribution on consoles of Blue Protocol, an interesting free-2-play action-RPG so far announced only for PC. Here are all the details and a trailer of the game.

Developed by Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios and published by Amazon Games, Blue Protocol is a free online multiplayer action role-playing game where you become the hero of your own sci-fi fantasy adventure. Explore the beautiful and dangerous world of Regnas in an immersive multiplayer experience with deep character customization and action-packed combat.

A vast world and an immersive adventure

You are searching for the truth about your origins. During your travels you will meet people from many worlds and make new friends with whom to share your adventures. Eventually, you will face an inescapable fate that will determine the fate of the planet Regnas. The excessive use of technology has created a distortion of space-time that will eventually engulf the planet Regnas and cause its destruction. To change this fate, you and your friends must travel to an unknown world in search of truth and a solution.

Learn more about the vast world of Regnas on the World page and check out the immersive adventure experience on the History page.

Action-packed combat

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced player: the action-based combat system features customizable controls that can adapt to any style of play. Your class depends on the weapons you choose, allowing you to adapt to challenges without changing your character. You can switch between classes, each with unique abilities that add damage multipliers, healing, and elemental effects that can be modified and leveled up. Equip combinations of skills, modifiers and summon Echoes, mystical creatures derived from the power of the planet that enhance your skills or help you in battle, to create a custom hero to suit your playstyle.

To learn more about Blue Protocol classes, such as the Twin Striker wielding a double axis and the Spell Weaver manipulating elements, see the "Classes" section of the game page.

Deep customization

Your character is an integral part of Blue Protocol. Enhance your adventure with full character and combat customization. Control your character's appearance with custom facial features, hairstyles, outfits and accessories, and express your personality with gestures and dances to create a character that faithfully represents you in the game. Explore the vast world with a variety of mounts and create custom weapons and gear for a truly unique experience.

Multiplayer Adventure

Team up with other players to tackle missions, fight boss battles and participate in massive online raids against massive monsters. When entering a dungeon, raid, or mission, you have three options: Solo, Match, and Group Recruitment. The Solo option allows players to go on their own. Matchmaking puts you in random contact with available players of similar level. Group recruitment allows you to consult with groups that are facing the same challenge. If you choose to go alone, you should not neglect to give help to someone in the same area, to get bonus rewards. If you decide to make more formal arrangements, you can expect additional damage and add bonuses, such as HP regeneration. In addition, party players pool some items dropped by enemies, making it easier to complete some missions and challenges of the Adventure Board.

MX Video - Blue Protocol