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The Callisto Protocol returns to show itself in the launch trailer

Two weeks after arriving on our consoles, Krafton and Striking Distance have released the launch trailer of The Callisto Protocol, a new sci-fi horror game created by the mind of the creator of Dead Space.

In addition to the horrors and claustrophobic atmospheres of the game, the movie shows us the interpretations of actors Josh Duhamel (Transformers), Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko in The Boys) and Sam Witwer (Smallville, Riverdale, Battlestar Galactica).

Set on Jupiter's dead moon Callisto in the year 2302, The Callisto Protocol challenges players to
survive the horrors of Black Iron Prison and uncover the dark secrets of the United Jupiter Company after a mysterious epidemic throws Callisto into chaos. Here's the trailer.

MX Video - The Callisto Protocol