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Annapurna announces three ex-exclusives coming to Xbox and Game Pass

Among the various announcements tonight, Annapurna also took advantage of it to reveal three previous PlayStation exclusives now coming to Xbox, and these are three extremely interesting titles. The most intriguing of these is probably Solar Ash, a very stylish platformer in which we have to speed between tracks and fight bosses in a surreal world inside a black hole; is coming to Xbox and Game Pass in the winter.

Then there is the fascinating first-person puzzle game Maquette, also coming this winter in Game Pass, in which we find ourselves exploring a series of "Chinese box structures", while playing with physics and perspective to come to the end of the enigma.

Finally, the only title that will not be on the Game Pass, but equally interesting: The Pathless, in which we play the role of an archer accompanied by her eagle as she tries to dispel a curse that has plunged her world into darkness. This is also coming to Xbox in the winter period.

We'll update you when the exact dates for all three games are announced.