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The Callisto Protocol: first images from the new title of the creator of Dead Space

The US newspaper Game Informer will release in the coming days a series of exclusive information on The Callisto Protocol, the new sci-fi horror game made by the author of Dead Space Glen Schofield, and began with the release of the two images that you find below.

The shots show us the protagonist of the game, Jacob Lee, hunted by a terrifying monster, and one of the claustrophobic settings, which not surprisingly resembles those of Dead Space.

The developers have also confirmed that the title will be released at the end of 2022, even calling it "AAAA" (the other time a developer used this term was for Perfect Dark by The Initiative, and obviously leaves a bit of time he finds), emphasizing how extremely ambitious it is and wants to introduce new game mechanics combined with extremely realistic graphics.

They seem perhaps exaggerated ambitions for a study at the beginning, even if financed by the same publisher of PUGB; we just have to wait to find out if they are able to keep such promises. We leave you to the new images.