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Roller Champions arrives in free-to-play next week

Ubisoft announced today that Roller Champions, the new adrenaline-pumping sports title on skates that will try to challenge the dominance of Rocket League, will arrive on May 25 with the free-to-play formula, therefore playable for free by everyone, and with full cross-play support between platforms.

Here is the official information followed by the launch trailer, an overview video on the game and a set of images.

In Roller Champions we will compete in two teams of three players and you will have to reach the five points first by throwing the ball into the goal. But there's much more: the more laps you make around the elliptical arena, the more points you get, if your team keeps possession of the ball. Run along the walls of the arena, fight against opponents, team up with your team to beat opponents, and skate to glory.

By winning the races and climbing the ranking, the doors of new and renowned stadiums and championships will open, up to the Elite Champions league. During the journey, you will have the opportunity to attract new fans, discover new maps, compete in timed mode and customize your champion. In addition to the many unlockable items, exclusive cosmetic rewards can be obtained each season through the Roller Pass.

Roller Champions can be played alone with players of your level, thanks to the matchmaking system, or with friends. To continue your climb to glory, on the same profile and wherever you are, you can take advantage of the cross-progression function on all platforms. Thanks to the skatepark, which works as a social hub, players can meet and practice, or simply have fun together through some mini-games.

MX Video - Roller Champions