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THQ Nordic announces the medieval strategy The Valiant

THQ Nordic and kite Games today announced the new medieval-themed real-time strategy title The Valiant. The game will see us fight in Europe and the Middle East of the 13th century, with the aim of commanding and training medieval knights in the single campaign and then asserting ourselves online in the cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

Here are the official details, along with the announcement trailer.

Follow the story of Theodoric of Achenburg, a former Crusader knight who, disillusioned by the cruelty of war, is called into action by events that he and his former comrade in arms, Ulrich of Grevel, set in motion 15 years earlier, when they had come across a fragment of an ancient artifact: the Rod of Aaron. A young monk named Malcolm shows up at Theodoric's door, bringing him the news that the Rod contains a power that is not intended for mortals, and that Ulrich is now obsessed with finding the missing pieces with which to recompose the Rod, an event that could inflict unspeakable evils and suffering on the world.

Theodoric takes on the solemn task of finding the remaining relics to keep them away from Ulrich, and embarks on a journey that will take him through Europe and the Middle East. On his way he will meet many other warriors who decide to join his cause, from the wise and elderly Rinaldo di Campidonia of the Teutonic Order to the young and ambitious mercenary Grimilde Eidottr with his Company of Crows; each of them has their own reasons to struggle, but the bonds you forge with them will remain firmly established through the tribulations that await you.

  • Team RTS with a wide range of units, from giant swordsmen to rapid cavalry
  • Select hero teams and auxiliary teams in 15 exciting single-player missions with attention to detail, each with personalized footage, narrated diaries, difficulty levels, and more
  • 5+ hero teams, each with 3 different skill trees that offer unique passive and active abilities to choose from at each new hero level
  • A wide choice of weapons and armor to loot and equip during the campaign, each with its own statistics and possible special abilities
  • Combine the skills and weaponry of heroes for endless chances
  • Play cooperatively with friends in the 3-player "Last Man" mode: you will face hordes of enemies and gain experience to unlock new skills and cosmetic items
  • Play in several competitive PvP modes that support 1v1 and 2v2, with meta-progress of cosmetic items and special rewards for ranked matches
MX Video - The Valiant