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Skull and Bones: a video tutorial leaks on the web and reveals its gameplay

That the waters are starting to stir again, around the pirate simulator of Ubisoft Skull and Bones, had begun to become clear for a few weeks when the publisher French had renewed the official website also launching an insider program. Today, however, we can finally see it in its most recent form (the result, according to rumors, of several reboots) thanks to a video tutorial that illustrates its characteristics, leaked on the web.

In the video we can admire the excellent graphic design of the title and the different features such as the possibility of customizing our pirate with which we can then explore in third person the main island of pirates to visit shops and get versions, the naval combat system and expansion of our ship, the management of the crew (if we do not keep the morale high we risk a mutiny) and the collection of resources on the islands, which will not take place by going ashore but will be done directly by the ship.

The movie shows us a title in a much better form than seen in the past and now close to launch, but for this we will have to wait for official information; here it is below.

MX Video - Skull and Bones