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eFootball: the update 1.0.0 arrives on April 14th, list of news

Konami announced today that the long-awaited update 1.0.0 of eFootball, initially scheduled for November and then postponed for 6 months, will finally arrive next week, on April 14 to be exact. Here is the list of improvements that the update will bring to the game.

Improvements and new elements of v.1.0.0

In response to your valuable feedback and in an effort to create an even more enjoyable "new football game" for everyone, we have implemented a number of fixes and new features. Let's see together some of the main features of the upcoming update.

Changes to commands in defense and addition of the "Call pressing" function
Of all the feedback received, most was about defense. In particular, many users have reported a difficulty in the defensive phases and in regaining possession of the ball.
Following a check of the hierarchy of priorities in defense actions, we decided to change the default settings of the keys to make the defensive game more intuitive. The pressing commands available in previous versions of the game are also reintroduced in this title.
In addition, we have added a new command, "Shoulder Contrast", which allows you to regain possession of the ball in a more dynamic way.

Pressing: regain possession by applying pressure on the opponent who has the ball.
Head to head: face the opponent dribbler by lowering the center of gravity and with more precise steps. Also effective for blocking passes and shots.
Shoulder contrast: regain the ball by resting the shoulder against the opponent. Especially effective when the opponent has just pulled the ball away from his foot or is trying to stop it.

In addition to individual defense, we re-evaluated the elements of collective defense, deciding to insert the new command "Call pressing". In addition to the various players who will throw themselves on the ball, the other teammates will put in place a team game to regain possession, blocking the passing corridors and pushing forward the defensive line.

In addition to these functional changes and additions, we have implemented various changes to other key gameplay elements for defense, with the aim of ensuring a more responsive and intuitive defensive experience.

Improvements to the step system and new "Sensational passage" command
In addition to the defense, we received a lot of feedback related to the passes. Many enthusiasts have called them excessively slow and have detected too many trivial errors. In light of your comments, we've made improvements to balance the game and refine the controls.

First of all, we have increased the generic speed of the passes, so that the pace of the game keeps up with the improvements already mentioned related to the defense system. In addition, we have added a mechanism that uses the rebound of the ball as an acceleration motion. This will be useful in performing passes from before, for example, in which you will notice an increase in the speed of the ball. The result of all these changes is a "rhythmic passing system", a fundamental ingredient of modern football.

As for the aforementioned passing errors, we deduced that they depended on both the actions of the performer and those of the receiver, during and after the passage. For this reason, we have implemented improvements based on the following key points:
- Improvement in deciding who will receive the passage
- Improvement of ai-made decisions in receiving
- Improvement of receiving movements
As a result of these fixes, we have significantly reduced the chance of trivial passing errors occurring.

In addition to all this, we have added a new element that will generally make the passing experience more enjoyable, namely the "Sensational Passing" controls, which allow you to kick the ball with various special trajectories. Thanks to these commands, the player will be able to dictate the rhythm of the attack and make the decisive final pass.

Additional shooting trajectories for an enhanced experience
As for the shots, we have made specific improvements to the following two points:
- Improved shooting speed, with a focus on realism and fulfillment
- Adjustment of the rate of shots in the mirror of the goal, to adequately reflect the circumstances of the game

In addition, we have added a wide range of variations and shooting trajectories in the game, suitable for every situation, such as the incisive "Sensational Shot". This will give players a new set of realistic scoring opportunities.

Strategic evolution thanks to improved dribbling functionality
When it comes to dribbling maneuverability, we've made significant changes to ensure a more rewarding one-on-one experience, with particularly realistic movements. Specifically:
- Improved accuracy of ball tracking and response to inputs from the left stick
- Improved response to shooting inputs
Other functional upgrades include better response and better ball behavior for the new "Dry Touch" command, as well as other simpler inputs for feints. Hopefully, these improvements will provide a more enjoyable one-on-one experience with opposing defenders.

Improved online connectivity
To improve the stability of online connections, as well as to reduce the number of canceled games, we decided to adopt a client-server system starting from this version.
In addition, we continue to look for ways to improve response time in online matches.
To ensure the best football experience, we will continue to monitor the situation even after the update, making changes where necessary.

Additional features for the Game Scheme
We have implemented the following features and additional changes to the Game Scheme, to reintroduce some particularly popular features and to correct some problems:
- Adding features like "Training Change", "Individual Instructions", "Automatic Selection", "Secondary Tactics", "Data Management", etc.
- Improved processing load for greater responsiveness

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We've implemented a lot of other gameplay-related features and fixes. Stay tuned, because we will talk in detail about this "new football game" as soon as the update has been published!

New "Dream Team" setting
Previously introduced as "Creative Team", the game mode where you can create your own team will be added in the upcoming update under the name "Dream Team". This is not the only news about it, as we decided to improve our original idea to make sure that everyone can really create the team of their dreams.
With "Dream Team" we do not simply aim to create a team with the strongest players and coaches.
In this mode, everyone will be able to choose their favorite players and coaches at the time of engagement. After that, you can cultivate your skills to suit your playstyle, with almost infinite freedom in shaping a fully customized team.
Create your own unique dream team, with your favorite players and those you have personally evolved, giving life to a new style of football. Play against other "Dream Teams" from all over the world and give life to titanic clashes, which will put on the field different football ideologies, as many as global fans.