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Halo Infinite: The leader of the Banished rails against humanity in a new trailer

It seems that the marketing campaign of Halo Infinite has finally started: after the revelation of yesterday's gameplay, Microsoft has released today a new CGI trailer in which the leader of the Banished, Escharum, rails against the efforts of humanity to rebel against the new threat, declaring its imminent defeat.

The trailer is in English, but we report below the translation of the monologue so you can understand it better:

"Hope... it makes you weak. Humanity clings to the belief that a savior will come, that a hero will rise wrapped in armor, to save you.

It won't. Armor can be broken, bodies shattered.

When you think of these last days, you will realize that all you had built was a tomb, a place where hope dies."

We leave you to the trailer: good vision!

MX Video - Halo Infinite