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Ubisoft announces Watch Dogs: Legion 4.5 patch, will bring 60 fps to next-gen console

Ubisoft announced the day watch dogs: legionpatch 4.5 will be released on June1. This update will bring new content and improvements for everyone, but will mostly introduce performance mode for next-gen consoles, enabling 60fps fluidity at the cost of ray tracing and other graphics effects.

In addition, this update will finally allow players in possession of the new and old consoles to have fun together with the online multiplayer sector, enabling cross-playin the same console family.

Finally, the software house warns us that it has postponed invasion and extraction PvP modes to the August update, to ensure a better experience, while the Bloodline story DLC will be introduced with update 5.0, adding the historical characters of the Aiden and Wrench series.

We look forward to any further updates that we will promptly report back to you.