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MotoGP 21 is available from today and zips through the launch trailer

Milestone has released the launch trailer for MotoGP 21,a new edition of the motorcycle simulator, and reminds us that the title is now available on old and new generation consoles in physical and digital stores. In MotoGP 21 the player will be able to immerse himself in the official 2021 season and compete in the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 classes.

Below is the description and main features of the game reported by the developer:

The best of MotoGP. Experience the entire 2021 season in full with the MotoGP™, Moto2™, Moto3™classes. Immerse yourself in the most authentic motorcycling experience with over 120 official riders,more than 20 circuits,realistic new gameplay features, and the introduction of the Long Lap penalty. Relive MotoGP™ of the past, with more than 40 historical champions and their iconic bikes!

Plan your game. Take control of every aspect of your managerial career! Decide whether to join an official team or create a completely new one and choose your staff of professionals: it will assist you during the course of the season and help you in the crucial stages of your journey, such as choosing the best contract or developing the bike. Once you reach the highest classes, create your Junior Team and manage every detail of it!

Control over every detail. When you can control all aspects of your race, every decision becomes crucial! Keep your fuel level, brake temperature, and tire wear under control. Make decisive choices based on your driving style and race conditions! Let yourself be carried away by the most exciting running experience but never lose control of the situation: if you fall you will now have to get back in the saddle as fast as possible, every second counts!

Win in style. Whether it's the way you drive or the look of your bike, style is key in MotoGP 21. Show who you really are! Customize helmet, suit, stickers, race number and livery with 5 amazing graphic editors! Find your winning driving style and impress your opponents! Plus, our revolutionary machine learning-based neural AI system is back, with significant improvements: get ready to discover new faces of A.N.N.A. in the most exciting races ever! Increase the challenge by competing with friends online or create your own events in Race Director mode, all in a lag-free experience thanks to dedicated servers!

Now let's leave you at the launch trailer: have a good view!

MX Video - MotoGP 21