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OlliOlli World tricks move to 3D and launch us into a colorful world

The award-winning British studio Roll7 has announced the development, for the publisher Private Division, of OlliOlli World,sequel to the two popular platform games skateboard-themed OlliOlli that this time makes the qualitative leap: from retro worlds to 3D scrolling you move to a colorful and lively 3D world, with characters that sparkle charisma from all pixels.

Expected for next winter, OlliOlli World is set in Radland,a true skate paradise full of levels with multiple routes and opportunities to unline the best tricks and chain a series of really crazy combos. The game will see us test our skills by expanding our arsenal of tricks with radland challenges, and then confront friends and skaters from all over the world in an unlimited amount of procedural generation levels, which can be easily shared thanks to the unique "Zip code system" of OlliOlli World.

For Roll7 one of the fundamental principles of gameplay is the concept of "flow", which allows you to achieve a perfect balance between concentration and relaxation during the entire gaming experience. For this reason OlliOlli World is an absolutely unique skateboarding game and suitable for every type of player, both for those who just want to have fun but also for those who intend to become the best in the world.

These are the features of the game:

  • Welcome to Radland - Come for a ride in a lush skateboarding utopia, chock-full of quirky characters and vibrant settings just waiting to be explored. Perform in your grinds along Avenue of inflatables or zip around Los Vulgas in search of new tracks, crazy side quests, high-stakes rewards, and epic trick opportunities. All accompanied by a compilation of IDM songs and electronic music chosen with care and passion.
  • Play at your level - Super precise controls, coupled with a more than refined game system, ensure smooth and dynamic movements. If you're a rookie, don't worry! OlliOlli World welcomes everyone with open arms, allowing new players to devour the road by performing the most deadly grabs, without the risk of ending up on the ground. If you think you're a skateboard ace, achieve excellence by tackling millions of unique levels in sandbox mode, or take on rivals from around the world in league races. Take advantage of a deep combo system with over a hundred maneuvers to master and combine to achieve the highest score.
  • Freedom of expression - Walk the streets of Radland, a skateboarding paradise, show off your skills by unlocking special rewards and customize every aspect of your character, from look to trick, through style. You want to zip through the streets with slippers on your feet? Go ahead... Maybe you also want to wear a nice bumblebee-shaped pajamas... Who are we to judge?! At OlliOlli World, the only thing that matters is knowing how to stay on your skate board!

We leave you now at the announcement trailer that shows us the beautiful artistic design of the title, together with a set of images.

MX Video - OlliOlli World