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E3 2021 has a date, will take place digitally again

TheUs Entertainment Software Association today announced that the 2021 edition of E3 will take place this year from 12 to 15 June, again fully in digital format. The event will see a series of meetings broadcast live during which the companies present will show their news for the future.

The publishers who have so far confirmed their participation are Microsoft, Capcom, Koch Media, Konami, Nintendo, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft and Warner Bros.but ESA promises further confirmation between now and the launch of the event. Note, however, that Bethesda, a brand that has always been present at E3, is miss: this is because, of course, from this year it is part of Microsoft although we do not yet know if it will have a separate conference or will be hosted in the Xbox conference.

Now we just have to find out the dates of the various, highly anticipated conferences: we will keep you up to date as always, and we also anticipate that this year it will be even more interesting to follow E3 with us! More details will arrive before the event.