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Square Enix announces Life is Strange: True Colors, releases September 10

The long-awaited moment from fans has come: Square Enix has officially announced Life is Strange: True Colors with a trailer that shows us the graphic design of the title, the mysterious and captivating atmosphere of the adventure and the protagonist, an Asian girl named Alex.

The game is not made by Dontnod but by Deck Nine,former authors of the splendid Life is Strange: Before the Storm, who explain to us that the story will focus, as in previous episodes, on alex's paranormal powers that can control emotions and, after receiving the invitation from his brother Gabe, wants to start a new life.

Alex will meet two very important characters who will become his dear friends. Everything will revolve around the mysterious death of her brother and the willingness of the protagonist to understand what really happened. The city will be Haven Springs, a place inhabited by cheerful and jovial people.

The protagonist will be able to solve the mystery of Gabe's death thanks to her powers, every time she puts them into action, a particular color will be unseated through an aura that will surround the characters. Among other things, Alex is bisexual and will start two love stories: one with a boy whose name is still unknown and one with Steph, a girl already known in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

The title will be available on September 10 in a single product, so it will not be broadcast in episodes.

The publisher also announced the Life is Strange Remastered Collection: a remastered collection that includes the first two chapters of the series, Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Followed by the announcement trailer and a set of images.

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