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Rumor: Outriders could make it to Game Pass

According to a cryptic post from the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, it seems that the upcoming Outriders of Square Enix and People Can Fly could come at the launch in the catalog of the Xbox subscription service.

This isn't the first time the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account has enjoyed leaving clues about games that might become part of the service. Recently, the latest tweets posted include a new fictional email from Melissa McGamepass, in which she announces to her staff that a new game is coming to the subscription service and to keep the maximum confidentiality. At the same time, she asks if anyone else has noticed a mysterious signal appearing in the distance, or if she isthe anomaly.

Thanks to the wording and content of the email, many have come to the conclusion that the game it refers to could be square Enix Outriders'new third-person game, scheduled to launch on April 1. The official description of the game refers both to theanomaly that has endowed the protagonists with extraordinary powers and to a signal that we will have to reach in our adventure.

If so, it would be great news to have such a title in the Game Pass from the launch: obviously for now everything must be taken with pliers since the jokes of the Twitter account are yes nice, but should not be considered as official announcements.