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AMD: The scarcity of components for Xbox Series X will last until mid-year

In the course of its latest financial report, semiconductor giant AMD has revealed that the shortage of components - primarily the SoC chip that includes CPUs and GPUs - made for Xbox Series X (but also for the new Sony console) and that it is leading to the current shortage of consoles on the market, will still last until mid-2021,with the situation set to improve only in the second half of the year when the company activates new production lines to meet demand.

AMD CEO Lisa Su explained that the current global situation, combined with the launch of the new consoles, has caused an incredible increase in demand for GPUs and CPUs for PCs and consoles, causing problems for the production line that can't keep up with all requests. The same is happening to competitor Nvidia, which is having great difficulty in meeting the global demand for its GPUs.

This is why AMD has already started the construction of new production plants since last year, but they will not be active since mid-year.

In short, it seems that the difficulties of finding Xbox Series X and, to a lesser extent, S,will continue for several more months: we hope that by the spring period things will improve at least in part, even if the words of AMD are not too reassuring.