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A new trailer for the Foreclosed cyberpunk shooter

Merge Games and the Italian studio Antab Studio released yesterday, on the occasion of the Golden Joystick Awards 2020 event, a new trailer for their narrative shooter Foreclosed,set in a gloomy cyberpunk world rendered thanks to comics-like graphics.

The game is coming in 2021 and will see us follow the misadventures of the protagonist Evan Kapnos, making us discover " how losing one'sidentity is a disgracefully real eventuality". Immersed in the action, players will have Evan's mental implant skills and a versatile hi-tech weapon from their own, as well as a skill tree through which to improve their fighting skills. Inspired by Max Payne and Deus Ex, as well as Frank Miller's graphic novel, "Hard Boiled", Foreclosed's vibrant and futuristic setting comes to life through interactive cutscenes and comic book transitions.

These are the features of the game:

  • Hi-tech Combat – Modify your symbiotic gun and equip your favorite powers to manipulate the game arena and fight the system.
  • Firmware Upgrade – Discover and unlock new skills of your systems thanks to an RPG-style skill system.
  • Interactive Comics – every moment of the game, from pure gameplay to the most narrative sessions, can be tackled in the stylistic context of the graphic novel – you will really feel like a comic book hero!
  • An Original Story – follow the misadventures of Evan Kapnós, whose identity has just been foreclosed, and to whom you are taking away the work, the control over their plants, and access to the city's Blockchain. Evan is forced to find.

We leave you to the video: good vision.

MX Video - Foreclosed