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Xbox app introduces remote play on iOS too

Microsoft has updated theXbox app today on both Android and iOS and, while in the first case in addition to a renewed graphical interface and the possibility to remotely start the installation of games even if you do not own them (obviously in this case they will not be bootable until you have the disk or you do not have a digital license) there are no important news, on Apple devices comes remote play for the first time.

This feature, which has been available on Android for some time, allows us to play remotely through our mobile devices the games installed on the console; it is therefore different from xCloud, because it expects the console to be in fast boot mode, ready to be "woken up" when we start remote play, and above all that it has a connection with a great upload band, otherwise the gaming experience would be unsatisfactory.

Waiting for Microsoft to find a solution to using xCloud on iOS, this is already something!