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Microsoft Suggests the Imminent Arrival of DOOM Eternal on the Game Pass

Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax and Bethesda will not be finalized until mid-2021, but it seems that the marriage between the two companies will begin to bear fruit as early as the next few days. The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter channel posted a cryptic message suggesting a new title will arrive soon, but without explicitly explaining what it is.

However, users are used to the hidden clues left in these posts, and after discovering that the initials of each sentence of the message in the tweet form the phrase "Look below", they worked on Photoshop and discovered that, in the white space of the image, the inscription "The Slayer is coming" is hidden.

Of course, this can only be referred to the Doom Slayer, the protagonist of DOOM; This means that, soon, the excellent FPS DOOM Eternal will arrive in the Pass! We will update you when we have official confirmation.

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