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Microsoft postpones Halo Infinite launch: it will arrive in 2021

Here's news we never expected to give this year, especially given the game's long development: Microsoft and 343 Industries announced today that Halo Infinite won't arrive as planned this fall, to accompany the launch of Xbox Series X, but it has been postponed to an unspecified 2021 date.

In a message on Twitter, project leader Chris Lee explained that the team faced several challenges, including ongoing pandemic issues, and that " itwould not be correct" for the team to release the game this year, in the state it is in. The additional development time will take the team to "make the most ambitious Halo ever", giving players a game of the quality everyone expects.

The news is certainly puzzling and no doubt changing the game for the launch of Xbox Series X: how will Microsoft fill such a void? We hope to find out soon: stay tuned!