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EA Sports UFC 4 shows us Career Mode

EA released an update on EA Sports UFC 4 highlighting the novelties and features of the game's Career mode, which will see us grow our fighter based on the disciplines in which we decide to coach him, and then choose our path to fame by choosing matches, weight class and rivalry.

Here are the basic features of this mode:

  • Coach Davis - Coach Davis is our new interactive coach, which will guide you on your journey to the top of the UFC.
  • Fighter Evolution - Your fighter will grow and improve based on the decisions you make in the gym and octagon. Depending on your training and dating tendencies, your fighter will start to become more adept at the attack styles you use most often. So if you want to become a great striker, get in there with combos, and if you want to become a great wrestler bring your opponent to the ground!

  • Relationship System - Interact with fans, fighters and promoters to shape your reputation and career. Challenge opponents on social media, learn moves from sparring partners and create your own story. Will you be a hero or an evil man?

  • Learn from the best - If you want to fight like a UFC champion, you need to train with UFC champions. Invite other fighters to your training camp and you can study their habits, style and technique. Do you want to improve your grips? Call Khabib at your practice. Do you want to throw devastating punches? Sparring with Masvidal. Just like in the career of a real fighter, your training partners will influence your style.

  • Choose your own path - Will you fight on the amateur circuit, make a name for yourself in the World Fighting Alliance, or seek fame in the Contender Series? The choice is yours: every

Now let's leave you to the presentation trailer of this mode: good viewing.

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