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DIRT 5 shows us features and locations in video

Codemasters today released a new trailer for DIRT 5 that highlights the features and some of the locations that will be the backdrop to our races in the title coming out on October 9. The races begin in Brazil under the gaze of Christ the Redeemer; Cars hurtle through the mud and lush vegetation before moving to the scorching arizona desert. In the heart of the canyon, there is an oval sand track perfect for thrill rides. The action then heads towards a series of rugged gorges in Morocco, with mountainous landscapes for thrilling races.

DIRT 5offers a wide variety of vehicles, more than in any other DIRT game; from exaggerated 900bhp cars, rock bouncers, pre-runners to traditional, modern rally vehicles. There are 13 classes in total, so players will always find something that fits their riding style. Car mastery will prove invaluable, both in Career mode and in a split-screen race with friends.

DIRT 5 offers plenty of gameplay, with unique challenges in each competition:

  • Landrush – Circuit with rough terrain with jumps and technically challenging sections. Weather and track conditions change during the event to make a fuss in this pack race mode.
  • Rally Raid – By controlling vehicles built for extreme off-road racing, Rally Raid challenges will put you to the test.
  • Ice Breaker – As the name suggests, players have to fight in races where the slopes are entirely covered by ice. Controlling the accelerator and precise curves are key to mastering this mode.
  • Stampede – Hard and unforgiving natural landscape, designed for rough and daring machines. Slopes mainly on mud and sand.
  • Path Finder – Another game mode. Controlled speed and more strategy are the keys to success in this off-road track full of steep jumps and rock-streped paths.
  • Sprint – Races amplified in its craziest form. 900 hp, huge wings and four wheels of different sizes. Oval and circular circuits.
  • Ultra Cross – Miscellaneous terrain and unpredictable circuit design. Classic rallycross and amplified for definitive challenges.

The crazy world of Gymkhana makes its welcome return for the first time since DiRT Showdown. Players jump, drift and circle around purpose-built arenas with barrels, tires and cones. Use tricks to activate multipliers to reach a high score within the time limit. Gymkhana is as much about style as it is about substance.

We leave you to the movie, good viewing!

MX Video - DIRT 5