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Microsoft brings E3 to our homes with the arrival of over 70 demos in a single week

Microsoft today announced that, as part of the Summer Game Fest,Geoff Keighley's digital event was created to replace E3 and has so far hosted several conferences and online events, from 21 to 27 July it will release between 75 and 100 demos of future games,so that we can preview the titles that would otherwise be available to the public at the Los Angeles fair.

Microsoft explains that the Summer Game Fest Demo Event is meant to allow us to try out for a limited time (demos will be active for just one week)the titles coming to Xbox, thus offering our first opinions to developers. Of course, it will be mostly titles ID@Xbox, but not only: there are also demos for more full-bodied games, and of course our hope is that Redmond's house will take advantage of the opportunity to release the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta!

Anyway, over 70 upcoming demos will be spoilt for choice: we'll have to make room on our hard drives! Here's just a first list of upcoming demos, while the full list will be released just before July 21 (and during the event you'll find a button on the dashboard to see the entire list of demos).

CrisTales - JRPG 2D where we can visit past, present and future and where our actions in one era will influence events in otherCris Tales

Destroy All Humans! - The remaster of the classic THQ titleDestroy All Humans!

Haven - the poetic adventure of two lovers in a desert worldHaven

Hellpoint - Infernal action-RPG playable even in co-opHellpoint

Skatebird - Skate title with a cute sparrow for the protagonistSkatebird

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown - A medieval action-adventure that makes the use of 3D sound its selling pointThe Vale

Raji: An Ancient Epic - An epic adventure set in ancient IndiaRaji

Welcome to Elk - A biographical adventure on a fantastic island, where each character has a story to tellWelcome to Elk

Stay tuned for more demos coming soon!