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Elite Dangerous: The Odyssey expansion is coming, adding stages on foot

Interesting news is coming for all Elite Explorers and Commanders: Dangerous. Development studio Frontier released the announcement trailer for the new Odysseyexpansion, defined by the same team as"the largest Elite: Dangerous expansion to date"." But let's see in detail what it is.

After great fan inquiries, The biggest novelty of Odyssey is the ability to get off your spaceship and explore the game worlds on foot. You can explore ancient ruins, outposts, cities or unexplored worlds, without any limits.

The expansion will add new mechanics from FPS that will introduce new types of missions, such as stealth infiltration, shootouts, diplomatic missions, etc. NPCs will also be added to interact with for missions or equipment. Social Hubs will be available to train their own crew, buy weapons, armor and contracts. Missions are also referred to as "multi-layer", that is, where players involved can move on foot, aboard SRV ground vehicles or whizzing with interstellar ships, creating very varied attack situations and tactics.

The expansion is planned for early 2021, so we can't help but wait for news from the development team, and of course enjoy the announcement trailer: good watch!

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