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Konami unveils the cute Skelattack platformer, available today

Konami today unveiled a surprise new platform game already available for purchase: Skelattack and sees us impersonating a cute skeletal in a hand-drawn and animated scrolling platformer.

Developed by Californians Ukuza, Skelattack introduces the vast and magical world of Aftervale into the underworld, populated by extravagant, fascinating and sometimes deadly inhabitants of the afterlife. Here we find ourselves as the Skully skeleton who, along with her trusty bat friend Imber and other supernatural creatures, must defend Aftervale from the invasion of human adventurers.

Humans don't seem to be looking for gold or other treasures: they have kidnapped the elderly skeleton Elzedon to try to seize the Blue Flame that animates the spirits of the dead. It will be up to us to jump, destroy and flutter through the kingdom of the underworld to stop humans, save the elder, and protect the Blue Flame.

We now leave you with the announcement trailer and a set of images that show us the gameplay of the game, but if you are interested you can already buy in the Store for 19.99 euros!

MX Video - Skelattack