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Headup Games Announces Arrival of Metroidvania-style Adventure Outbuddies DX on Console

Headup Games publisher and development studio Julian Laufer have announced that the metroidvania-style adventure with handmade pixel art graphics Outbuddies DX will be available on Xbox One on Xbox One June 5, for a price tag of .17.99 USD. Outbuddies was released on PC during October 2019. The "DX" version will offer"a greatly improved graphics compartment and brand new features based on player feedback."

For all the details about the game we leave you to the official description provided to us by the Xbox Game Store by the developers, followed by the announcement trailer for the new console version: good reading and good viewing!

Cross the borders of Bahlam, a submerged city of the Ancient Gods, located in the most remote depths of the South Atlantic Ocean. Nikolay Bernstein, an adventurer who works as a marine archaeologist, awakens 11,000 meters below sea level after a shipwreck. Severely wounded, he finds himself against his will connected to a supernatural friendly unit. In search of answers on how he ended up in the abyss, our protagonist digs deep into the submerged city, until he discovers that a sinister presence lies in his dark caves.

On your way home you'll come across a tribe of friendly mine creatures, the Wozans. They fear the Ancient Gods more than anything else, and since 5,000 years ago their ancestors were enslaved, they have been trying in every way to return to the surface. Some of them have managed to escape and establish secret colonies within submerged ruins, while others are still being exploited by the gruesome creatures that took over the city when the Ancient Gods suddenly disappeared.

Experience this non-linear gaming experience of the metroidvania genre. Discover five completely different areas,each with amazing puzzles, natural hazards, epic boss fights, and many Wozans to free. Your friendly unit will slowly map the entire area, and can be used as a useful tool to safeguard your health, while also allowing you to interact with your surroundings through various abilities, including hacker attack, scanning, and telekinesis.

Explore Bahlam with impressive freedom of movement: climb, squat and dive from the early stages of the game. As history progresses, the solutions to confront the enemies will increase; You'll then get hold of ancient offensive systems, suit upgrades and new hacker protocols for your droid. The equipment will be perfectly balanced in combat skill, and each piece must be used with care to overcome certain dangers and solve certain puzzles.

The local co-op mode allows you to invite a second player to explore and experience this adventure by your side, taking on the role of the invincible friendly unit. Help yourself on your way home, solve puzzles and exit the terrible Bahlam maze alive. This mode gives you the ability to complete the game as quickly as possible and experience it in a unique way.

Key features

  • Explore a fantasy world full of life
  • A game experience in full metroidvania style, with a flood of equipment, puzzles and Easter egg
  • An atypical double-hero combat system that allows you to play in co-op mode
  • Epic fights against bosses and high-level enemy AI
  • An immersive story told by memorable characters
  • High freedom of movement at 60 FPS
  • Handmade pixel art graphic that will adapt without any distortion to the resolution of your screen
  • Original soundtrack curated by OGRE music

MX Video - Outbuddies DX