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Rogue Company shooter reveals its gameplay, part alpha test

Hi-Rez Studios today released a trailer that reveals the gameplay of Rogue Company,a new third-person multiplayer shooter coming into the summer that promises to plunge us into frantic battles at the last minute. But we won't have to wait until the summer to try it out, because the Alpha test has just started, which you can still sign up for.

Before you leave the movie, here is the official description of the game:

Rogue Company is a team multiplayer shooter full of action, strategy and character. With an arsenal of playable mercenaries, weapons, abilities and game modes, there's always something new to master.

The Rogue Company is a secretive association of elite mercenaries who do pricey work to combat the injustices of the world. The Rogue Company is the outlaw solution to a sick system. For the rest of the world, this elusive organization is just an urban legend. But for those who hold the game's wires, Rogue Company agents are essential to solving the world's toughest and deadliest missions. As Rogue Company mercenaries, players will team up, harness their weapon and dive into a variety of scenarios to compete online in many different online PVP modes.

Rogue Company will allow crossplay on all major platforms. Team up with friends on as many platforms as possible and climb the ranks of Rogue Company!

Here's the movie now: good viewing!

MX Video - Rogue Company