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A leak from CoD Modern Warfare: Warzone shows us the BR F2P in action and reveals new info

It's by now: soon, probably tomorrow, we'll all be able to play with Call of Duty'smuch-loud free Battle Royale mode, titled Warzone. Not only have the rumours been increasingly persistent and consistent, but today we also have a real leak in the form of a long gameplay video released ahead of time by a youtuber.

The footage of youtuber Chaos, which you find at this address (or this if that is removed), should actually have been broadcast tomorrow, the date when it looks like the game will finally be unsonic: Chaos says the game is "downloadable now", so it's likely that Activision was aiming for a surprise announcement with the game immediately available. The video reveals that several influencers and journalists have been invited to test the new mode, confirming that it will be both included in CoD: Modern Warfare and playable for free apart,with a dedicated client that anyone can download.

The video shows many of the features of the title and much of the map, starting from the initial release that, in full BR tradition, takes place from an aircraft flying over the map, in this case a bomb-free. If you can't see the footage or can't understand what's being said, here's a summary of the information:

  • Free to play and Standalone - will be playable by everyone (as always you will need a Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscription, as it is a multiplayer title)
  • Cross-platform - Xbox One, PS4 and PC players will be able to play with each other without barriers
  • 150 players on the map
  • Huge map, each building has been completely designed (and redesigned, for those drawn from past maps) for BR mechanics
  • The different areas of the map are taken from famous maps such as Terminal, Scrapyard, Overgrown, Broadcast and others, as well as completely new areas
  • Two game modes
  • You will be able to play alone or in teams of two or three players
  • Confirms the presence of the Plunder, the currency earned in the game that will allow you to buy killstreaks and resuscitations at special stations
  • Confirmed the Gulag: after the first death the players will be repulsed here where they will participate in a 1vs1 clash to return to the field. As they await their turn they will be able to witness the other duels and also throw stones at the fighters
  • The map is full of easter eggs
  • Vehicle presence confirmed, including helicopters
  • There will be three levels of wearable armor, using special plates applicable to the suit
  • There will be no weapons accessories, but you can buy pre-configured loadouts at Plunder stations
  • You can use ping on everything to report positions, enemies and other elements to teammates

We await more information and official announcements from Activision!