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Rumor: CoD Modern Warfare BR arrives on March 10, shortly official announcement

The Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,entitled Warzone,is the classic "Pulcinella's secret": Activision itself has inadvertently confirmed it in recent days, suing the Reddit platform to demand the revelation of the generalities of the user who leaked it first. But the official announcement is not there yet.

According to Twitter user Okami13,who had previously made predictions related to the world of CoD revealing that he has great connections, this will change today, or perhaps monday, when Activision will officially announce the mode with a first teaser trailer. According to the user, Warzone mode will arrive on March 10 and confirms that it will be free-to-play,with a separate client to download for free from the Store, so you don't have to own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

This comes back with what's mentioned in previous rumors: a separate, free game, but with a progress system that will still favor Modern Warfare owners, although for now we don't know how.

One last interesting note: Okami13 says call of duty: Modern Warfare 2 will arrive this year,just one year after the previous title was released. If he's right about the Battle Royale, that anticipation is most likely true. We await official news, which we will turn you over as soon as possible!