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CD Projekt RED: Xbox Series X will receive a free upgrade for Cyberpunk 2077

One of the features of Xbox Series X listed today by Microsoft, and of which we had not talked about in our news because it is not a real novelty, is Smart Delivery,the system also present on Xbox One (with the name Intelligent Delivery) that allows developers to download to consoles of different power the same games but with different assets, as when a 4K title downloads on One S only the assets in low definition while on X downloads those designed for 4K.

Xbox Series X will use this system to allow developers to make games that run on both Xbox One and the new console, downloading the correct version of the files and upgrades depending on the device used: this will allow you to buy each game only once, but to enjoy it to the fullest regardless of the console.

All Xbox first-party titles will use this feature, but today we also know the first third-party title to take advantage of it: Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt RED confirmed with a tweet not only that the highly anticipated title will have an enhanced version for Xbox Series X,but that it will be available for free from every owner of the game, even if purchased originally on Xbox One, thanks to Smart Delivery.

Unfortunately, the Polish studio has not explained when this upgrade will come, whether at the launch of the new console or later. It's still great news!