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Weekend of special events and other news for Gears 5

Intense and quite tormented week for The Coalition, which did not just present the usual themed event in Gears 5,but also wanted to get a hand to the XP system of the game... stirring up a lot of controversy!

As for the new event, on Valentine's Day yesterday the classic event with Cupid's favourite weapon, the Arc, is back! An even more devastating version of the Torque Bow is in fact the only protagonist of the "All Against All" mode and with 25 kills in this mode players can win a fascinating set of skins dedicated to Dom's companion, Maria, whose story has certainly remained in the hearts of many Gears fans.

In addition, for each day of this weekend, you only need to log in to the game to be given a 24-hour boost and thus accumulate points and resources more quickly.

But, speaking of points earned, these days the attention of gears-omani has focused not so much on these events, but on the controversial change in the calculation of XP (Experience Points) decided by The Coalition.

It all stems from the intention of reducing the effort required to unlock additional characters through the completion of the related "totem", which always includes the accumulation of several Experience Points. In particular, The Coalition aimed to equate the yield between PvP and PvE (Horde), so as not to penalize the many players who mainly play Horde at medium-low levels.

The problem is that Horde mode, unlike PvP, has various levels of difficulty, with increasing recognition in terms of XP, zeroed out by this "reform". Horde players at high levels are a niche, but they are still an important fan base for the game: these days their lively protest has led The Coalition to a rapid and resounding reverse, which has led to a rapid and resounding reversal, which has led to a this situation:

  • XP base for time played in PvP is tripled
  • The multiplier returns based on the difficulty in PvE, but with widely revised values:
    Beginner: 1x to 2x
    Intermediate: 1.25x to 2.25x
    Expert: 1.5x to 2.5x
    Advanced: 1.75x to 3x
    Elite: 2x to 3.5x
    Crowds: 3x to 4x
    Inconceivable: 4x to 4.5x
    Master: stay at 5x

As a result, the Horde currently has the same yield as the Versus PvP, in terms of the relationship between game time and experience gained, when faced with "Advanced" difficulties. It's worth noting that the game interface hasn't been updated yet to bring back these new values, which are still up and running.

The debate is, of course, still open and further tweaks cannot be ruled out in the future. What do you think of this change?