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The Xbox Bless Unleashed Exclusive F2P MMORPG Arrives in March, Founder Packages Available

Bandai Namco announced that, after several Beta periods last year, the final version of the Bless Unleashed fantasy MMORPG will arrive exclusively on Xbox One on March 12. The title will be playable for free, but from today the Founder Deluxe packages are already available, Exalted , and Ultimate,' offering early access to the game (7, 10 and 15 days earlier, respectively) as well as several additional content such as mounts, costumes and epitome weapons and in-game currency.

The official description of the game follows, followed by a new trailer that shows us the gameplay and contents of the Founder packs.

Bless Unleashed is the first next-generation MMORPG to come to Xbox One. Travel a living and persistent world to face and defeat the deadly monsters that populate this wild scenery. Choose one of the five classes available, each with its own combo system, made specifically for online gaming. Assemble your group to explore and survive a world of dangerous creatures and divine secrets.


  • Vast, breathtaking views - Explore a detailed open world with Unreal Engine 4. Create a party with your friends to explore, discover and take on huge monsters.
  • Combo-based Combat – Customize your combos for an even more rewarding gameplay experience where proper positioning can make the difference between triumph and death.
  • Unspeakable Dangers – Defend yourself against huge dragons, giants, and other fantastic creatures, as well as the constant threat of other players.


  • Mature Game – The world of Bless Unleashed is violent, rich in history and animated by an intricate plot.
  • Friends and Enemies – The persistent open world challenges players to survive an assortment of mythological beasts... and to themselves. Built-in PVP makes every moment dangerous.
  • Classic Fantasy with some novelty – Choose from five fantasy classes, like the arcane-armed wizard or the bloodthirsty Berserker, in a world full of magic. Travel the world with your companions in search of the truth about the gods.
MX Video - Bless Unleashed