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Apex Legends invites us all to its Grand Soirée

Respawn Entertainment has announced Grand Soirée, Apex Legends'"Great Evening":this is a timed event that, for the duration of two weeks starting next January 14,will provide plenty of motivation to return to The Battle Royale of Respawn.

The most interesting aspect of this new event is the presence of as many as seven new game modes,which will be proposed with a rotation of 2 days each: if you want to have at least a taste of each mode, you will then need to regularly attend the game for the duration of the event.
The calendar of the new modes, quickly presented in the trailer you find at the end of the article, is as follows:

  • 14-15 Gen GOLD RUSH DUO - Teams of 2 players, only "gold" grade weapons
  • 16-17 Jan LIVE. Die. LIVE - With each shrinkage, the eliminated fall back into the team
  • 18-19 Gen THIRD PERSON MODE - Apex Legends in the third person!
  • 20-21 Gen ALWAYS BE CLOSING - Safe areas in constant shrinking
  • 22-23 gen ARMED AND DANGEROUS - Only shotguns and sniper rifles, reduced armor
  • 24-25 gen KINGS CANYON AFTER DARK - Return to the first map, but at night
  • 26-28 Jan DUMMIES BIG DAY

To further motivate players, this event will bring with it new challenges and therefore new opportunities to reap exclusive rewards. In addition, the weekend between January 17 and 20 will earn 500 extra points thanks to bonus challenges.

The Grand Soirée will of course also feature cosmetic novelties offered in the Apex Legendsstore, with a dedicated section: legendary skins and art deco decorations (with a starting price of 5 euros) will make their rotating appearance for the duration of the event, so keep an eye on the store within the game, if you are interested in this type of content!

We'll leave you to the fun trailer for the event's presentation, have a good look!

MX Video - Apex Legends