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The Seabound Soul free expansion is now available on Sea of Thieves

For all the digital pirates pandering to the seas of Sea of Thieves, the flagshipof the Rare team, the new expansion titled The Seabound Soulhas been released today. As announced at the X019's Inside Xbox conference, this new DLC brings with it several exciting news.

First, the expansion introduces a new Tall Tale that sees us help the late Captain Pendragon in his quest for the ghost ship Ashen Dragon. In addition to this, new mercenary And Sentine Mice missions have been introduced.

If new Quests aren't enough, know that new cosmetic elements have also arrived for both Adventure Mode and competitive Arena, increasing the possibility of customizing your pirate and your ship.

But as the icing on the cake, a deadly new weapon and game mechanics has been added: fire. In fact, in the vast sea of Thieves map you can find special cannonballs similar to Molotov cocktails, which can be either hand-thrown as if they were real grenades, and be loaded into cannons and fired from our vessel. The impact of these new bombs has devastating effects on enemy ships, with fire and flames spreading throughout the area in case they are not extinguished quickly. To help us douse the flames, each ship is now equipped with a special water tank that must always be kept well supplied.

Before leaving you in the update trailer we remind you that as always this update is completely free for all Sea of Thievesowners. See you in the seas, pirates!

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